Fall is the season for planting. Here at Natures Best Lawn and Landscape, we look forward to the transition in seasons from Summer to Fall for many reasons. As the heat and humidity start to fade we switch our focus from installing turf grass, which thrives when planted in our warm summer conditions, to trees and shrubs that prefer a temperate planting season.

The cool mornings and warm afternoons of Autumn provide a great growing environment for new plants. Roots will continue to grow as the soil is still warm while the new growth of foliage will slow as the air temperatures drop. Bright sunny days along with frequent rains help plants establish quickly as WInter approaches. Encountering issues with fungus and disease is also less likely in the cool of Fall. As ground temperatures drop and Winter frost and freezes set in plants will go dormant until Spring arrives. Here in the South we typically have a long Fall planting season, reaching into late November and even early December.

Trees and shrubs planted in Fall have a head start come Spring. These plants have already started the rooting process and have begun to adapt to their new home. While we are entering a great time of year to plant there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Keep watering! New plants will still require supplemental watering if we are not receiving adequate rainfall.
  • Follow planting zone guidelines. Now is not the time to experiment with that plant you found while in the Carribean!
  • Plant any new plants still in pots from the Nursery before the first freeze. Plants are much safer in the ground than in pots.
  • Install a fresh layer of mulch. Mulch and pine straw provide a “blanket” of warmth protecting new plants during Winter. Don’t forget about your established plants as well!

Happy Planting!

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