My favorite question I get asked as a landscaper is “what do you do this time of year?”. I always laugh a little on the inside! Due to the shorter days, cooler temperatures and all of the rain we have had over the past few months it is easy to assume that there would not be much work to do in the yard. Winter is what I like to call groundwork time. This is the perfect season to asses areas of the landscape that may need a little help. Landscape design, sprinkler repair, drainage, hardscapes, lighting and much more can be done right now. Let’s dive in!

Irrigation and sprinkler repairs are typically best to be addressed right now. A quick check of the sprinkler system before the growing season helps to keep your landscape ahead of the game. We typically check for broken lines, ensure that all sprinkler heads are working properly and ensure that your system is not wasting water. We can also make adjustments to your system adding sprinkler heads to areas where you may not have coverage, eliminating “hot spots” in your lawn that happen in the summer. When Spring arrives your lawn and landscape plants will have all the water they will need!

Drainage has been a big topic this season with all of the rain we have received. During this time of year, trees are dormant and not helping absorb the groundwater. Many properties that I visit have had standing water in the lawn and close to structures. French drains help move this water away from the home, absorb standing water in the lawn and carry it to a dry well or emitter for release. Standing water in the lawn can cause root rot of turf grasses and drowning of landscape plants resulting in the need for replacement come spring.WInter is a great time to design and implement a drainage plan.

Hardscapes! We have many hardscape projects going on right now. Retaining walls, walkways, patios, and outdoor kitchens are being designed and installed. In a few weeks, our landscapers will install new plants and sod to complement these landscape features. Stonework is a great way to add character and variety to your outdoor space.

Landscape Lighting is another project that is great to tackle this time of year. We can highlight your home’s architecture, light pathways, and patios. As well as create a lively pool deck at night. Just because the days are short, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your outdoor space into the night!

Landscape design, winter pruning, and landscape consults are also happening right now. We are honored to be your Columbia, SC landscaper! If you have any questions or need, we would love to help!

The Nature’s Best Team